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11.04.2018 - Caccia Starne, Nis, Serbia

Caccia Starne, Nis, Serbia- King Cherni Lom - 3 ECC. owner Plamen Tomov; cond. Dimcho Nachev
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10.04.2018 - Caccia Starne Nis, Serbia

10.04.2018. Caccia Starne, Nis, Serbia III ECC - King del Cherni Lom Prop: Plamen Tomov conduttore: Dimcho Nachev
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21.03.2018 - Caccia starne Pazardzhik, Bulgaria

21.03.2018 Caccia starne Pazardzik Ecc - King Cherni Lom Owner: Plamen Tomov
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The "Z" litter of Cherni Lom - 24.06.2017

The parents of the puppies are: father - Ch.Djinn du Pied du Mont and mother - Lia Cherni Lom. You ...
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Кennel Cherni Lom is situated in Northeastern Bulgaria.
We breed purebred hunting dogs of the breed Deutsch Kurzhaar. Our goal is to breed dogs with excellent working properties and exterior. Dogs who hunt and bring much joy to the family.

Cherni Lom Kennel is registered in FCI with number 67/05.    [See more]
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  Emir del Cherni Lom
  Fayza del Rade Savic
  Kandi del Cherni Lom
  Lapis del Cherni Lom
  Lia del Cherni Lom
  Loris del Cherni Lom
  Pablo Cherni Lom
  Sonata Cherni Lom
  Tayga del Cakic
  Thor del Cherni Lom
  CACIB – Belgrade Serbia 2009-08-02
  CACIB Sofia - 11.05.2008
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