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''V"' litter Cherni Lom 

On October 14 this year, the huge family of "Cherni Lom" grew with 9 new members.
The proud mother of 9 healthy puppies became the exclusive Perla Cherni Lom. The new "V" litter is definitely dominated by the fairer sex - 7 female and 2 male puppies.
The newborn baby dogs have parents of enviable origin. Their talents for innate hunting qualities and distinctive exterior traits for the breed are predetermined by the not accidental choice of father, namely Broz di Histodulu.
  ''V"' litter Cherni Lom
  Kurzhaar National Club - Golden Quail Trophy 2021
  Caccia starne Pazardzhik 14.03.21
  Q litter Cherni Lom
  20.11.2020 CACIT Serbia
  Cacia starne, Nis, Serbia
  Donko Donev with Fero Cherni Lom quail hunting
  Perla Cherni Lom
  We have no free puppies for sale at this time
  New Champions of Bulgaria
  Video of Perla Cherni Lom 09.2020
  New video of Perla Cherni Lom
  The "K" litter of Cherni Lom - 08.07.2019
  29.04.2019 - Spring test Derby
  CACIB 13.07.2018-15.07.2018
  CACIB 13.07.2018-15.07.2018
  CACIB 11.07.2018-13.07.2018
  11.04.2018 - Caccia Starne, Nis, Serbia
  10.04.2018 - Caccia Starne Nis, Serbia
  21.03.2018 - Caccia starne Pazardzhik, Bulgaria
  The "Z" litter of Cherni Lom - 24.06.2017
  DERBY - 22.04.2017
  TAN 25.03.2017, PAZARDZIK
  CLUB EXPO - CAC, 25.03.2017
  CACIB Sofia
  30.10.2016 - Bulgarian Club Kurzhaar Dog Show 2016
  CACIB - Kranevo, Varna - 19.08.2016
  The "T" litter of Cherni Lom - 17.08.2016
  The "S" litter of Cherni Lom - 03.08.2016
  The "R" litter of Cherni Lom - 01.08.2016
  17.07.2016 CACIB Shkorpilovci
  16.07.2016 - CACIB Shkorpilovci
  CACIB Shorpilovci - 15.07.2016
  CACIB Shkorpolovci - 14.07.2016
  The "P" litter of Cherni Lom - 08.06.2016
  Thor Cherni Lom - International Champion in Beauty
  Thor del Cherni Lom is now Champion Serbie de Travaille
  World Championship Deutsch Kurzhaar, Sebia 2016
  CACIT NIS, KD Prokuplje, Serbia
  Thor Cherni Lom - new video
  Lapis Cherni Lom - Champion Serbie de Travaille
  New Champion
  Happy New 2016 to all friends
  The "N" litter of Cherni Lom - 31.12.2015
  CACIB Skopje, Makedonia
  CACIB Kranevo
  CACIB Dobrich - 21.05.2015
  Competition Derby, Kuthya, Turkey 12.04.2015

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